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Jesus Who? (pack of 10)
If you have a heart for reaching a lost world, our Jesus Who? booklets present the Gospel in a conversational way that will resonate with people of any background.
Item: #61018  Price: $5.00
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10 People Who Could Have Destroyed Christmas
Take a look at ten people who could have shaken up the Christmas story.
Item: #32665  Price: $4.00
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Bible Basics Packet
Whether you are a new Christian or a mature believer, these booklets will give you a better understanding and appreciation of God's Word.
Item: #43600  Price: $8.00
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Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay
Popular author, Gary Inrig, brings you one of the most insightful and complete examinations of the Book of Judges.
Item: #16180  Price: $8.00
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Pocket Study Series
The Pocket Study Series includes 3 handy, find-it-fast Bible references ideal for anyone studying God's Word.
Item: #49587  Price: $5.00
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Taste & See Back to the Bible Cookbook
Packed with recipes submitted by employees of Back to the Bible's offices around the world, this cookbook is loaded with foods that will tempt your taste buds.
Item: #40667  Price: $7.00
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The Road to Heaven: Romans
In The Road to Heaven, Woodrow Kroll provides a map for your journey into life as he takes you step by step through the Book of Romans with these 32 devotional studies.
Item: #65004  Price: $5.00
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Were You There?
Based on 30 passages from the life and teachings of Jesus, Were You There? will guide your imagination into aspects of biblical accounts you may never have considered before.
Item: #12009  Price: $5.00
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What They Believe - Islam
Explore the mysteries of Islam and learn why the Islamic state is actually a world order with a government, constitution and an army.
Item: #08310  Price: $0.50
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What They Believe - Jehovah's Witnesses
If you wonder what the followers of Charles Taze Russell believe and teach, this booklet will answer your questions.
Item: #08183  Price: $0.50
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