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Title: How to Find God in the Bible Packet
Author: Woodrow Kroll
Price: $15.00
If you want to know God's heart, the best way is to read His Word. Designed to help ordinary people connect with God through His Word, this book explores tangible ways to prepare yourself, define your expectations and profit from the experience. Woodrow Kroll also shares personal discoveries that have revolutionized his understanding of Scripture. You'll find simple keys to understanding the Bible and solid insights on making the intimate connection with God happen.

Softcover, 200 pages

Companion Study:
God wants to be found by you! The surprising thing is, God isn't that hard to find, you just need to know where to look--in His Word. The Bible is God's guide to not only finding Him, but to living a rich and fulfilling life as His child.

Each lesson in this study is designed to help you as you seek God in the Bible with encouraging thoughts and motivating questions. But most importantly, it will take you to the Bible where you can discover God for yourself.

Softcover, 57 pages

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