Used in Simple Little Ways

Meet Suzanne

Why does a 79-year-old woman from southern California support the development of a mobile app when she herself would never use it? Because she understands how an app on a phone can help disciple young believers.

"Everyone I know is so involved in digital technology, but they are not discipled. And that was my problem when I was little."

Though Suzanne grew up in the church, she tells us, "I had no clue what was I was doing." At 19, she became pregnant; the father refused to marry her. As a result, Suzanne gave her newborn child up for adoption. "They told me I had a little girl. I never saw her."

Suzanne spent the next 30 years bouncing between relationships. "I had been married and divorced several times ... I really didn't grow much spiritually." But then, something happened out of the blue. "When I was 49 she found me!" The daughter Suzanne had given up for adoption so long ago found her and reintroduced Suzanne to Jesus. "As a result of that, I came to the Lord."

Suzanne became involved in her church, even traveling overseas to India. It was after one such trip that she met John who would be her husband for the last 11 years of his life. "When John and I were married, we used to listen to Woodrow Kroll at Back to the Bible." John and Suzanne grew spiritually through the radio program and began supporting the ministry.

The Back to the Bible radio program doesn't air where Suzanne lives anymore. And though she knows she can listen via the Internet, she won't. "I have so many things available to me by not even being online, it would take away from what I do." And even though she doesn't own a smart phone, she stands behind the ministry of goTandem, even helping to fund our translation efforts. Why does she do it?

"Everyone I know is so involved in digital technology, but they are not discipled. And that was my problem when I was little. I was never discipled so I totally went on the wrong path."

These days, Suzanne serves the elderly in her community by providing rides to and from church. Reflecting on her own ministry, Suzanne left us with these thoughts: "It's funny how God can use me. But if you're willing to be used in simple little ways, it makes an impact on people's lives."

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