Bible Study

  • God Spoke Wisdom

    How does God make His wisdom known? That's today's Bible Minute from Proverbs 2:6. In verse six, it says, "For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." So the... read more

  • Know the Truth

    Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute. Think about it: how can you know the truth? The only way to know the truth is to read and study the Word of God. Jude talks about people who... read more

  • Word and Spirit

    Here's David Chadwick with today's Bible Minute. Another balance of the Christian life must be between the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The Word and the Spirit properly balanced in our... read more

  • Get the Big Picture

    Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute. When you hear the term "Gospel" what do you think of? Maybe you think the "gospel" refers to anything that's absolutely and undoubtedly true,... read more

  • Four Perspectives

    Here's Darrell Bock with today's Bible Minute. As we gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, let's take a moment to consider the "wonderful technology" of instant replay. What does this have to do with... read more

  • Open the Book

    What's the best way to get to know God? Find out with today's Bible Minute. To get to know God, you have to get to know the only book He ever wrote: the Bible. And when you get to know the... read more

  • God Remembers

    If you think God's forgotten you, then you need today's Bible Minute from Genesis 8. Listen to Genesis 8:1. "Then, God remembered Noah and every living thing and all the animals that were with... read more