Breaking free from sexual addiction

Meet Washington

Meet Washington

Sexual addiction destroys lives and shatters dreams—and it knows no cultural or geographical boundaries. In Ecuador, Washington works at a biblically-based rehab center focused on sexual addicts. The center creates a safe environment where people from all walks of life can share their struggles and ultimately find freedom from the bondage of sexual addiction.

Washington shares how their system works. "We use an online course for 60 days in which there is an accompaniment with a mentor always. We base the whole course on the Bible." A part of the online course is goTandem, used as a way to promote personal spiritual growth. "The application is fundamental for this because, as addicts, we do not always have a discipline to do things, so, the application helps us to have all things at hand. Now with the technology at hand, with smartphones it is very easy to get a message from the application, 'do not forget to do your devotional.'"

The goTandem app not only helps each addict, but it gives the staff at the rehab center the information they need to better support each person. He says about goTandem, "we have a statistic of how many people, how many users, of the application have a certain problem--specifically in the topic of sexual addictions—and we can reach them with personalized content."

Washington is thankful for the impact goTandem has had in their ministry. "This application has really been very helpful because it is helping to expand our ministry, to reach more people, and for God to bless them."

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