Back to the Bible's mission to lead people forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ extends worldwide.

In addition to our U.S. office, Back to the Bible also has offices in Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Trinidad & Tobago. Through these ministries, impact continues to grow on many fronts--especially with the development of our multilingual platform for goTandem. Completed in Spring of 2015, the multilingual platform allows us to disciple people in their heart language via mobile app. Radio continues to play an active role in our international reach with recent expansions in India and Africa.

Multi-language Outreach

There will soon be one smartphone for every five people in the world. With over 200 million iOS devices sold in the last few years and 900 million Android users, we are on a communication highway that was non-existent a decade ago. With goTandem, Back to the Bible has the opportunity to communicate with and disciple those who use smartphones. We are on the same platform as millions of mobile users and now have the opportunity to disciple people from different ethnic groups using the languages they understand.

Phase 1 of translating the Bible-based goTandem content is underway, and the following languages have been launched: Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch, and Lithuanian. When phase 1 is complete, goTandem will be available in the seven most spoken languages in the world: Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, French, Indonesian and English.

goTandem is a proven discipleship tool that enables people to receive God's Word multiple times during the day to minister to specific areas of their need and allow the Holy Spirit opportunities to transform them into Christ's likeness. Offering this on a multi-language platform makes it possible to use this discipleship tool to help millions of mobile device users around the world, as well as non-English speakers in the US, to be discipled in God's Word daily.

goTandem Around the World

A picture of the total number of goTandem app uses over a 30 day period. Numbers reflect over 100 countries. (As of September 2014.)