Wait for Tomorrow

in Service/Servanthood

At the start of a New Year, the future is on all of our minds. Here's today's Bible Minute.

I think the way God helps us to be patient, to wait and trust Him is simply to go to the Word often and just take in His promises.

But beyond that, we need to be busy in our lives of service for Him. After all, this may be the day the Lord chooses to come back for us.

And that's why He gives us the Holy Spirit. It is the help of the Holy Spirit that enables us to purify our lives before the Lord comes back, to be patient until He comes back and to find the ways in which we can best engage our lives in service to Him. All of this before He comes back.

So, as your New Year begins, let us help you get into God's Word. You'll find plenty of Bible resources and encouragement at backtothebible.org.